Main Technical Points Of Metal Curtain Wall Sandwich Panel System

1. First-level waterproof design: special embedded EPDM rubber strip sealing technology
• Width of rubber strip is larger than that of butt joint, and interference fit can enhance the connection tightness of rubber strip and groove surface.
• Multiple water chute can not only prevent water, but also enhance filling and pasting degree of rubber strip by forming many negative pressure cavities, which is difficult to shed off.

2. Second-level waterproof design: high weather-proof sealing technology Fill high-weather resistance sealant at the bottom of butt joint to enhance base waterproof function.

3. Third-level waterproof design: flexible jagged waterproof EPDM rubber achieving water-diversion and anti-cold bridge technology
• The appearance is jagged, which can form many water chute and effectively prevent water from entering room.
• It can effectively solve the problem of anti-cold bridge at butt joint of wall panel. Water spraying test is carried out for EPDM rubber strip butt joint of BMW project for continuous 3h, no leakage points are found.